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How to Never Locked Your Keys in the Car

How to Never Locked Your Keys in the Car We live in an environment where a little proactive management of our resources can make all the difference in the world and it is entirely possible to avoid most of the lives frustrating little annoyances. From a technological perspective, we are light years ahead of any previous generation and it is expected that making use of available technologies is supposed to make our lives more organized. However it seems that you require positive input on your part in order to ensure that unnecessary problems can be avoided. Especially when it comes to the issue of vehicle keys there is a couple of effective strategies which can help you to avoid a situation where you are locked out of your own vehicle. This is a very frustrating situation to be in, but it is entirely possible to avoid the frustration. A certain way to avoid disaster is to condition yourself, to always exit your vehicle according to a predetermined pattern. Ensuring that you actually have your vehicle key in your head before exit your vehicle is one way to avoid being locked out.

Having a spare key available

For many people one of the best ways to avoid a lockout situation is to have a spare key in their wallet or purse. This is one certain way for people who have frequently found themselves in a situation where their keys had been locked inside a vehicle to ensure that they always have a way out of that situation. Naturally in order for this to work, you should always ensure that you have your purse or your wallet with you when you exit your vehicle. There are many solutions for this irritating little problem, such as to always lock that vehicle with the remote control. This will ensure that you always have your vehicle keys in your hands when you exit your motor vehicle. Using this strategy will ensure that the person will remove all of their things from the vehicle before they close the door and then they will use the remote to engage the locks of that motor vehicle.

Alternative solutions

Some people prefer to use a lanyard and they have conditioned themselves to immediately place that lanyard around their necks when they removed the key from the ignition. This is helpful when there is many things which has to be collected from that motor vehicle, which may not leave any space for your vehicle keys. Thousands of people have successfully used this method. There are other people who prefer to use a wristband and therefore as soon as the keys has been removed from the ignition they will attach those vehicle keys to their wrist. Although this can certainly be an effective way to avoid being locked out of your motor vehicle, for some people having the keys dangling from their wrist is simply too uncomfortable and therefore most people will prefer the lanyard option. Everyone knows that motor vehicle emergencies can be encountered at the most unexpected times and without a proper motor vehicle key strategy the possibilities to be locked out is endless.

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