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March 28 2017

What is Lockpicking?

Lock picking is simply the practice of manipulating the internal parts of a lock in order to open that lock without actually using the key, which has been issued with that lock. In most cases no damage is done to the lock, the activities of the perpetrator is mostly not discovered, and therefore lock picking is completely different from entry where destructive means is used... more

March 20 2017

Lost Car Keys

It is an undeniable fact that most people will lose track of their vehicle keys at one point or another. Unfortunately sometimes those keys are permanently lost and anyone was been in this situation will know that some of the more sophisticated vehicle key systems can be very expensive to replace... more

March 09 2017

Break into cars with remote keyless systems using a $17 power amplifier

Vehicle owners who have a key fob for a motor vehicle which is using a remote keyless system may want to be a lot more careful what they do with those keys. It may be necessary to keep them in a very low temperature environment, such as a freezer to protect those keys from sophisticated vehicle thieves who is now apparently using $17 power amplifiers to defeat the security systems of motor vehicles... more

March 06 2017

What is Keyless Entry Device

When you have a keyless entry system, this allows you to lock or unlock the doors of your vehicle without having to insert a key into the lock. Most US motor vehicle manufacturer is now equipping their vehicles with a basic keyless entry system which is making use of a short-range remote transmitter... more

March 03 2017

What is Transponder Key

Just about every newly manufactured motor vehicle is today issued with some type of transponder key. Regardless of whether you’re driving a Chrysler, BMW, Ford, Toyota or Chevrolet, every one of them is issued with a transponder key. However more education is necessary in order to provide vehicle owners with a better understanding regarding the pros and cons of transponder keys... more

March 01 2017

Laser Cut Keys

They can be no doubt that vehicle security systems have benefited tremendously from emerging technology. However it seems that there are both benefits and downsides when these technologies is used as vehicle security measures. Losing vehicle keys probably numbers as one of the most frustrating experiences that any person can have... more

February 28 2017

Rekey Car Locks

There are several reasons why motor vehicle owners would like to rekey their car locks. Over time there can be substantial wear and tear on frequently used car locks. Also keys can be lost and it may even be necessary to replace that car lock after the vehicle has been vandalized, been involved in an accident or because of some other unforeseen incident... more

February 11 2017

Ignition Key Wont Turn - What to Do

Anyone who has been driving a motor vehicle for two or three decades will know that there is an endless list of things which can go wrong. An ignition key which refuses to turn is not something which is encountered very often, but that doesn’t mean that it does not happen at all. As with all other vehicle problems there is a proper way to approach this situation... more

July 24 2016

How to Never Locked Your Keys in the Car

We live in an environment where a little proactive management of our resources can make all the difference in the world and it is entirely possible to avoid most of the lives frustrating little annoyances. From a technological perspective, we are light years ahead of any previous generation and it is expected that making use of available technologies is supposed to make our lives more organized... more

car lockout

Car Lockout

Locking your keys in the car might be a very frustrating situation.

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replace car keys

Replace Car keys

Losing your car keys is not only annoying, but can also be very expensive.

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ignition lock smith

Ignition Locksmith

Broken key in ignition is the most complex task for a car locksmith to deal with.

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